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Tim Hendrick
Tim, a bass player, was one of the original members of the Road Runners and was with them when they won the WQAD TV contest. A few months after winning the contest, Tim joined the Army and dropped out of the band. In 1986 Tim did come home for a reunion concert with the band, his last appearance.
Kenny French
Kenny was a bass player. Every song needs the back-up notes of Ken's guitar. Ken was 17 when he joined the Road Runners and has in past years dropped out to pursue other interests in his life. Of course the Road Runners miss Kenny and wish him well.
Michael Mason
Michael and the others at the bottom of this page are Road Runners "friends" on stage and CD since 1994. Mike played bass at reunion concerts and on the last CD.

Charly Mason
Charly provides both background and lead vocals for the band in reunion concerts and on CD.
Kevin Hamilton
Kevin plays guitar and sang lead and backup vocals and played harmonica for the band in the reunion concerts and on CD.
Cathy Hamilton
Cathy also sang lead and backup vocals for the Road Runners in live performances and on CD.

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