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Gary Goetz
Gary is one of the original Road Runners still active as are the others on this page. Gary started when he was 14 with the Road Runners in 1965. Gary had also been in other bands over the years as well as an entertainer in Las Vegas for over 20 years. Gary plays lead guitar, drums, sax, banjo, harmonica & dobro.
Joe Sikora
Joe was one of the "old men" in the group being 19 when they started the Road Runners. Joe & Gary's harmonies set the bar for the group's highly polished performances, with the rest of the band adding their touches of talent. Joe is all rhythm and song. No charts, no lyric sheets, just a keen ear for music which was something every band needed.
Dick Grissinger
Dick is the drummer. Self-taught, he is capable of every sound a good drummer needs. Above all, Dick makes you feel the music he and the rest of the band plays.
Ramsey Mason
Also one of the "youngsters" joining at age 14, Ramsey played guitar and keyboards early on. His classical piano training and discipline to getting it right are the real plus for the band's ever-professional sound.
J Mason
Before joining the Road Runners as lead guitarist in 67, in late 63 or early 64, J was bassist in a band called "The Counts" with his brother Ramsey.
Mike Picolotti
Mike's pure and soaring voice
is a great asset to the Road Runners, greatly helping expand the Road Runners repertoire. "Pics Fan Club" always livens up the action at the Fireman's Ball.
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